Privacy Policy


We suggest reading through our Privacy Policy which governs your visit to our website before continuing the usage of our website. This is to ensure that you fully understand the reasons behind collecting your personal data and information you may have provided to us.

All your information you provide with on our website must be accurate and also up to date. By creating an account through our website, the information you provided will be used to track your past purchases and shopping records.
All information you provide must not impersonate any person. In the event of impersonation, your account will be revoked.

As far as possible, we try to when providing information on products available on our website to not misrepresent the products. However, we do not ensure that our information matches exactly to our actual product or is error-free. Changes made can take place any time without any notice.

Do bear in mind that there might be slight colour variance as images on our website are not an exact representation of the product. Factors which affected the product colour variance: computer screen graphics resolutions and sun light.