Care Guide

A guide to taking care of your jewellery.

6 simple steps

When you SLEEP:

During sleep, you will unknowingly add pressure onto your jewellery, which may result in wear & tear. What's more, this might allow dirt, oil and chemicals that might have accumulated on your jewellery over an extended period of time to be stuck in the nooks and hooks of your jewellery. This might even affect your skin (especially if you have sensitive skin). So, always remember to remove and clean your jewellery before you head to bed! In this way, you are not only saving your jewellery, you are saving your skin as well!

 When you BATHE :

Water is your jewellery's worst enemy (unless your jewellery is 100% gold). To avoid tarnishing them, you should always remove them before you shower.

 When you SPRAY :

You should always finish spraying everything that you need to before you wear & put on your jewellery. This includes any lotions, hairspray, perfumes. Chemicals in these will speed up the process of tarnishing of your jewellery, so remember that!

 When you do SPORTS :

The salt in your sweat will cause discoloration and tarnishing in your jewellery, so just keep your jewellery at home when you do your sports!

 When you SWIM :

Both chlorine and seawater are never your jewellery's best friends. Remember to put them away before you head to into the pool or get into with seawater. In the unfortunate incident if you get chlorine or sea water on your jewellery, don't panic. Simply wash them with a little bit of soap and wipe them completely dry before storing them.

 How to MAINTAIN :

All purchases made from our store will include ziploc bag(s) for your jewellery, so use them to store your jewellery! Leaving them outside will expose them to the humidity in the air and will speed up the tarnishing process of your jewellery. 


In the event if you would like to clean dirty / tarnished jewellery -

Ingredients : 

  • Boiling water, aluminium foil, baking soda 

Watch video here